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A little about shoes


Homework – light all-season shoes designed for use at home (own apartment, house), with or without a thin sole. According to the recommendations of orthopedists, home shoes have a short period of use and must be replaced every six months. Beach shoes are lightweight summer waterproof and non-slip shoes designed for walking on water, rocks, sand, grass.


Good-quality shoes

  • Elegant white heels

    Flirty and funny, with an exquisite square toe, a colored perspex strap on the instep and a comfortable block heel. Increase the wow factor with these stunning mules.
  • Black Mula Shoes

    This mule-style heel has thin straps that intertwine along the top of the foot in a modern design. The model sits on an elegant 7 cm long heel.
  • White shoes with straps

    Available in black, nude or white tones, it is perfect for working with any outfit. Pair with wide trousers and your favorite blouse for a stylish look.
  • Black Men's Shoes

    The model is made with a synthetic upper, lining and sole. Pair your heels with everything that is already in your wardrobe this season. Synthetic upper.
  • Protective shoes women

    Do you need slides to add a classic style to your wardrobe? We present the slides. This classic slide features a sleek double strap with a matte black buckle.
  • Bulky HEVEQ Shoes

    The model is made either in a sharp leopard print using a pony fur material, or in the form of smooth black leather. As a slip-on, these sandals are perfect.
  • Gray Cubic Sneakers

    Style with denim cutouts and a classic white T-shirt for a restrained but stylish look. Make it your new main strap. Synthetic upper, lining and sole.
  • Black Sports Sneakers

    Looking for a typical sneaker for a cool girl? The sneakers are made of a smooth material similar to leather, with elegant stitched details.
  • White sneakers for Women

    The lace-up style means that you can put on sneakers and go anywhere! Available in white or dark gray, you can wear these shoes with everything that is already.

About shoes

Chrome shoes occupy a leading place in terms of production volume and assortment. It is made from an opoik, an outgrowth, a half-skin, a yalovka, pig chrome skins, goat chrome, chevro, velour, nubuck and other skins, as well as as an exception from suede and sandalwood, which do not belong to chrome skins. Shoes are relatively light and flexible, have good hygienic and aesthetic properties. Textile shoes are made for various purposes (home, travel, everyday) for the population of all gender and age groups. For the details of the upper, fabrics, non-woven materials, knitted fabrics, felt, ribbons, braid are used.

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Description of shoes

Shoes made of artificial and synthetic leather are produced for the population of all gender and age groups, with the exception of children under the age of 7 years. Such shoes are made on the sole of natural and artificial materials mainly by adhesive and combined fastening methods. Its specific range is extensive and covers almost all types of chrome shoes. Shoes with a combined upper combines products, the details of the upper of which are made of combinations of different materials. According to the color, leather shoes are divided into white, black, brown, bright (blue, red, green, yellow), light (beige, light gray), multicolored, golden and silver colors, etc.

According to the method of fastening on the foot, shoes can be on a cord, a zipper, elastic bands, buttons, buttons, buckles, etc. Depending on the method of fastening and the material of the sole, leather shoes can be made of natural and artificial leather, rubber, polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic elastomer, polyurethane, wood, felt of all known chemical, mechanical and combined methods of fastening. According to the method of production, household shoes of mechanical and manual production are distinguished. The manual method, in which the welt is manually sewn and the workpiece is tightened on the pad, is rare in mass production.

According to the nature of the production, men's and women's leather shoes are divided into casual and model shoes, and children's shoes are divided into casual and elegant. Model shoes, unlike everyday shoes, are made from the most beautiful, expensive high-quality materials with improved finishing, processing of individual external parts with bending. The lining in half-boots and shoes should be placed face to the foot, with the exception of the heel part. Shoe models are usually more complex, corresponding to the direction of fashion. Such shoes are light, elegant, often with a complex decorative finish. Casual shoes are made on standard pads using all fastening methods and materials for the details of the bottom and top.

Shoes have a simpler design, their assortment changes less often compared to the model one. Elegant shoes can be boys', girls', school, preschool, small children and for toddlers. These are boots, half-boots, boots, half-boots, shoes, summer shoes, sandals. Elegant shoes are made from the most expensive materials of bright contrasting colors, often combined in the details of shoes, with overhead curly details and other complex decorative trim.According to the season of socks, winter, summer, spring-autumn, round-season shoes are distinguished (for systematic long-term wear throughout the year).